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“re-Source” – a Human Jazz residency in Providence, RI May 10 – 14, 2017

Providence schedule


Wed. May 10th 3 – 5pm Workshop for AS220 Youth AS220 115 Empire Street Providence


Wed. May 10th ~ 9pm “Live Music Wednesdays” perform a teaser for the project at The Grange 116 Broadway, Providence


Thurs May 11th ~ 7 – 9pm Community Playshop at The Movement Exchange – 545 Pawtucket Avenue, Pawtucket


Sat May 13th ~ noon – 2pm “Saturday Switch” Workshop at AS220 115 Empire Street Providence


Sat. May 13th ~ 8pm show – “re–Source” – Christian Swenson & Friends Perform at AS220 “Black Box” 115 Empire Street Providence


Sunday May 14th 3:30 – 5pm Community Vocal Jam at Movement Exchange 545 Pawtucket Avenue, Pawtucket


Sunday May 14th  8pm show – “re–Source” – Christian Swenson & Friends Perform at AS220 “Black Box” 115 Empire Street Providence


 Show description:

“re-Source” – Christian Swenson & Friends play Human Jazz

A benefit for AS220 Youth Programs

This is not a dance performance, a sacred ritual or a play, nor a musical concert or a comedy show, yet it is in part all of these. It is also homage to the human medium and the spirit that connects us.

Join Christian & his friends as they co-create an evening of spontaneous performance.

William “Bill” Evans,

Shura Baryshnikov,

Laurie Amat,

ali kenner brodsky,

Michelle Struckholz,

Elizabeth Keisler

and Corinne Wahlberg


“Human Jazz” is about playing the body, voice and imagination simultaneously; no set pieces, special costumes, recorded music, just humans playing. As a soloist Christian “disappears” into songs, animals, characters, body music, aliens, etc. The ensemble will play all together and in smaller groupings. The show will conclude with a participatory Balinese Kecak/Monkey Chant.

“Medicine Truck” House Concert in Olympia

Sunday September 11th our vocal improv trio, “Medicine Truck” will be giving a house concert at .  Here’s the details:

Vocal Improvisation at its finest!

Sunday September 11, from 3 to 5

Liz and David Kohlenberg’s Medicine Creek House

505 Salmon Lane SE, Olympia WA 98513

Call for directions or with questions (360) 438-6665

Tea, coffee and cookies at intermission

Cost: $15 before September 5; $18 after; $20 at the door


Come and experience Medicine Truck — the Pacific Northwest’s premier a cappella vocal improvisation trio, and a collision of creative genius! Debby Boland Watt, Christian Swenson and Travis Johnson take their singing seriously, knowing that sound is for the sculpting. These three incredible vocalists will expand what you know about a cappella music, passing you on the turns, running over what ails you and then flooring it when you think they just gotta be outta gas! Medicine Truck invites you to wonder, laugh, and join them.


LISTEN: Medicine Truck


Medicine Truck is sometimes poignant, at times deeply moving and often hilarious, as each song is a true original and completely unrehearsed. Truckin’ with Christian and Travis has been a marvelous trip.”


“Singing with Debby and Travis is like having your cake and eating it too! I love their fearlessness, and I’ve never had such good company as down in the deep end with Travis and then off in the weird worlds Debby inhabits!”


“Singing with Medicine Truck is such a joy! It’s not every day that you get to sing with such high caliber vocalists that are so down to earth and happen to be wonderful human beings.


Contact Improvisation Jam

Every Sunday from 2 – 4:30pm ($5 – $8) at Velocity Dance in Seattle

(I help facilitate this weekly jam, one of my favorite places to dance!)C & Lisa1

The Contact Improvisation/Movement jam is an open event, welcoming everyone. Jams have been happening around the world since the 1980’s, and typically include people across a broad range of experience. It’s not a class, but usually includes people happy to explore at whatever level, discuss questions, and if asked, provide guidance. If you’re willing to explore in order to find your way, the jam is a great opportunity to practice and enjoy contact improvisation.
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