Blurry Red Shapes

What IS This??

Face & HandsJabb EyesReach Up

So Familiar, yet so Strange

(this fusion of singing, acting and dancing),

it Delights and Mystifies!

Watch as it morphs from:

Blues ☞ World Scat • Human ☞ Animal • Cartoon ☞ Prayer

Christian Swenson is a performing artist and teacher who offers a variety of creative services and participatory events including; concerts, workshops, school shows, jams, lecture/demonstrations and private parties.

His work in the theater is concerned with the autonomous actor, the natural world, and the dynamic interplay between the self and the Other. Since 1980 he has been creating and performing solo works for body and voice, our original instruments. The work is unique in its cross-cultural synthesis of theater, dance and music and its willingness to unbridle the imagination. He creates shows where freedom is more important than conflict, and within which continual transformations can take place.

Watch two fresh tastes of him at Seattle’s 14th Annual “Moisture Festival” (April 2017)

For his work in the schools and with children check out: