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What The Press Has To Say…

Read a preview of his show “Body of Music” from the Seattle Times:

The Arts | Review_ Christian Swenson’s ‘human jazz’ show has legs | Seattle Times Newspaper

Excerpts from past reviews:

“…’Dansing’, an extraordinary vocal and movement solo by Christian Swenson, a wildly gifted performer from Seattle.” –Charles Jurrist, The New York Daily News.

“Remarkable transformations…a gorilla at one point, the dancer could be a poet uttering an ode to the earth at another.” – Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times.

“He’s a one-man animal kingdom….” –Karen Mathieson, The Seattle Times.

“To find the right words to describe this piece of enormous charm and wit, as well as fundamental humanity and directness, is difficult because it is so out of the ordinary….Swenson has an original mind.” –R.M. Campbell, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“I’ve never seen anything that even resembles this astonishing piece…his hands, body, feet everything is speaking in this “new tongue” in a fascinating fashion.” –Sandra Matthes Vukov, Bellevue Journal American.

“Swenson is that rare soloist who can fill a stage, a mind, for a whole evening. He makes you feel you might be eavesdropping on genius.” –Carole Beers, The Seattle Times.

“…he inhabits a song as much as performs it.” –Don Adair, The Spokane Chronicle.

“…..inspired absurdity!!” –Micheal Upchurch, The Seattle Times.

“…Swenson is such a talented, gentle man with a diverse form of entertainment, from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again.” –Nora Malone, Choteau Acantha.

“…the quintessential vertebrate.” –Jake Selunik, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

“When Swenson dances, it’s as if he’s the most perfect toy a child could imagine…he has found a pure, magical source for movement and sound.” –The Seattle Weekly