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The International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM)

Chrisfacew:hands*-1.I’ve been invited to present my solo “Human Jazz” work at

The International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM)

9th Festival and Conference

Waterloo, Guelph, and Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

May 12-16, 2016

I’m excited to connect with a wide variety of improvising musicians at this annual event!

Ecstatic Singing Circle (on-going)

If you’d like to try singing improv with us, this is a very informal gathering of vocalists, singers, players, etc.  We like to play with tones, rhythms, spontaneous songs, gibberish, etc.  It happens first and third Saturday afternoons.

Here is a Meet-up Group and a Face Book page for more info:

Contact Improvisation Jam

Every Sunday from 2 – 4:30pm ($5 – $8) at Velocity Dance in Seattle

(I help facilitate this weekly jam, one of my favorite places to dance!)C & Lisa1

The Contact Improvisation/Movement jam is an open event, welcoming everyone. Jams have been happening around the world since the 1980’s, and typically include people across a broad range of experience. It’s not a class, but usually includes people happy to explore at whatever level, discuss questions, and if asked, provide guidance. If you’re willing to explore in order to find your way, the jam is a great opportunity to practice and enjoy contact improvisation.
We have a community FaceBook page at:

Seattle CI Blogspot:

Community CI news email at <> 

For more info on this form: 




Tossing it out there for free!!  You can find some of my newly recorded vocal music at  This is simple a cappella singing in resonant stairwells and other locales.  Captured on the oh-so-easy iphone voice memo app.