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“Medicine Truck” House Concert in Olympia

Sunday September 11th our vocal improv trio, “Medicine Truck” will be giving a house concert at .  Here’s the details:

Vocal Improvisation at its finest!

Sunday September 11, from 3 to 5

Liz and David Kohlenberg’s Medicine Creek House

505 Salmon Lane SE, Olympia WA 98513

Call for directions or with questions (360) 438-6665

Tea, coffee and cookies at intermission

Cost: $15 before September 5; $18 after; $20 at the door


Come and experience Medicine Truck — the Pacific Northwest’s premier a cappella vocal improvisation trio, and a collision of creative genius! Debby Boland Watt, Christian Swenson and Travis Johnson take their singing seriously, knowing that sound is for the sculpting. These three incredible vocalists will expand what you know about a cappella music, passing you on the turns, running over what ails you and then flooring it when you think they just gotta be outta gas! Medicine Truck invites you to wonder, laugh, and join them.


LISTEN: Medicine Truck


Medicine Truck is sometimes poignant, at times deeply moving and often hilarious, as each song is a true original and completely unrehearsed. Truckin’ with Christian and Travis has been a marvelous trip.”


“Singing with Debby and Travis is like having your cake and eating it too! I love their fearlessness, and I’ve never had such good company as down in the deep end with Travis and then off in the weird worlds Debby inhabits!”


“Singing with Medicine Truck is such a joy! It’s not every day that you get to sing with such high caliber vocalists that are so down to earth and happen to be wonderful human beings.